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Kiss Me Deadly


Edited by Laleen Jayamanne

The cinema continually produces new figures of Woman that stimulate profound processes of identification in the spectator. Criticism, and particularly feminist criticism, has to be equal to this creative process and explain the affective powers of film.

In answering this call, these essays offered in Kiss Me Deadly - Feminism and Cinema for the Moment break with many of the givens of traditional feminist film theory. They deal with the films of a range of directors, including Akerman, Bigelow, Bresson, Campion, Dash, Kluge, Moffatt, Powell, Rainer, Roeg, Ruiz and Scorsese. Thus they diverge from much feminist film theory by examining the work of directors not normally considered part of an unofficial canon, and by their refreshing emphasis on new theoretical perspectives, and new interpretations of old ones.


Patricia Mellencamp, Lesley Stern, Jodi Brooks, Toni Ross.

289 pages.

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