The Power Institute Foundation for Art and Visual Culture

Photo Files


Edited by Blair French

Drawn from the pages of Photofile, the photography journal published by the Australian Centre for Photography since 1983, this collection of texts confirms the diversity and quality of recent photographic practice and criticism in Australia. It illustrates how, located between the realms of fine art and visual culture, photography has underpinned many of the key developments in our understanding of both during the last decades of the twentieth century. Drawing together the work of prominent critics, theorists and cultural commentators, Photo Files includes profiles of many of Australia's most significant photo-artists and investigates a wide range of subjects including documentary photography, race and representation, photography and national identity, and the impact of digital technologies.


Preface by Gael Newton, Leigh Astbury, Geoffrey Batchen, Brigitte Carcenac de Torné, Edward Colless, Helen Ennis, Anne Ferran, Graham Forsyth, Paul Fox, Virginia Fraser, Benjamin Genocchio, Ross Gibson, Helen Grace, Peter Hennessey, Colin Hood, Elin Howe, Jennifer Isaacs, Bruce James, Darlene Johnson, Martyn Jolly, Douglas Kahn, Sylvia Kleinert, Catharine Lumby, Scott McQuire, Adrian Martin, Jacqueline Millner, Margaret Morgan, Anne Ooms, Ingrid Periz, Roslyn Poignant, Sue Rowley, Patricia Simons, Clare Williamson.

Co-published with the Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney.

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