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The Illusion of Life 2


Edited by Alan Cholodenko

The Illusion of Life: Essays on Animation was the first significant book of scholarly essays theorizing animation. The Illusion of Life 2 continues and extends its pioneering work in the theory of animation. It provides an abundance of understandings, approaches, correctives and challenges to scholars not only in animation studies but in Film Studies, indeed to disciplines across the spectrum. It proceeds on the assumption that animation, in increasingly taking ‘centre stage’ thanks to computer animation and anime, calls ever more insistently for focused, rigorous theoretical attention.

The sixteen essays composing the collection engage with post-World War II film animation in Japan and the United States, as well as with the ‘expanded’ field of animation, including: the relation of live action and animation video and computer games; the electronic, digitally animated mediascape, the city, flight simulation, the military and war; and animation in the entertainment industry.

About the Author

Alan Cholodenko was a senior lecturer in the Department of Art History and Theory at the University of Sydney before he retired in 2001.

576 pages, paperback, blacka and white images, 14.8 (h) x 21 (w) cm.

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