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Artists Think


Edited by Ann Stephen

Artists Think: The Late Works of Ian Burn explains how it was possible for the artistt to return to painting in the late 1980s. Burn, an internationally renowned conceptual artist of the 1960s, had worked for over two decades in alternative cultural practices in Art & Language, New York and later within the Australian trade union movement. His late work, made in a short, intensely productive period before his accidental death in 1993, holds in Burn's words, 'professional spaces and identities hostage to amateur values'. With an introduction and contributing chapter by Ann Stephen, the book contains Burn's essay entitled 'Notes on 'Value Added' Landscapes'. The book also included are a biography and listing of exhibitions of the artist.


Ian Burn, Michael Corris, Elizabeth Gertsakis, Helen Grace, Sandy Kirby, Andrew McNamara, Mel Ramsden, Ann Stephen, Paul Wood.

Paperback, black and white images.

Co-published with Monash University Gallery, Melbourne.

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