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Japanese Exchanges in Art 1850s-1930s


By John Clark and other contributors

Japanese Exchanges in Art 1850s-1930s - With Britain, Continental Europe and the USA is the revised edition of a text completed in 1989 and often reproduced in mimeograph form for relevant academics and libraries. The intention here has been to publish the updated version together with some extensive new materials.

It is a basic reference work not only for those working on exchanges between Japanese and European - chiefly British - art in the 19th and early 20th centuries but for all those interested in the modern history of Japan. Many historians of modern photography will also find it indispensable. It includes the most complete and extensive materials in any language on Charles Wirgman, Felice Beato, and Raimund von Stillfried und Ratenitz, as well as extensive biographical entries on European artistic visitors to Japan and Japanese artists in contact with European art in the 19th century.

About the Author

John Clark is Professor Emeritus of Asian Art History at the University of Sydney and a preeminent world scholar on Asian art. He has given major keynote lectures in Beijing, Berlin, London, and Tokyo. His research is mainly on Japan, China, and Thailand, but he also has interests in modern Malaysian, Indonesian and Indian Art. He has organised several international conferences, writes frequently for scholarly and art world journals, and has authored and co-edited five books, including Modern Asian Art (Craftsman House/University of Hawai’i Press, 1998) and Modernities of Chinese Art (Brill, 2010). 

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