The Power Institute Foundation for Art and Visual Culture

Technologies of Magic


Edited by John Potts and Edward Scheer

Technologies of Magic: A Cultural Study of Ghosts, Machines and the Uncanny
 charts curious territory – a place occupied by both machines and magic. This collection of essays investigates the co-existence of very old forms of thought – belief in ghosts, magic, spirits – and contemporary culture. Refracted through highly technologised societies, magic manifests itself in surprising ways and through a diverse range of practices. Apprehension of the magical – in the world of machines –  can give rise to a feeling of uncanny unease. These essays show that ultimately this produces another way of thinking about technology in contemporary culture. Technologies of Magic is both timely and historical: cogent in its contemporary observations and historically enchanting.


Chris Chesher, Anne Cranny-Francis, Annette Hamilton, Scott McQuire, Rachel Moore, Stephen Muecke, Andrew Murphie, John Potts, Patricia Pringle, Edward Scheer.


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