The Power Institute Foundation for Art and Visual Culture

The Filmmaker and the Prostitute


Edited by Chris Berry, Annette Hamilton and Laleen Jayamanne

The Filmmaker and the Prostitute: Dennis O'Rourke's The Good Woman of Bangkok offers a comprehensive coverage of the debates surrounding Dennis O'Rourke's controversial film, The Good Woman of Bangkok. It brings newspaper and journal reviews together with theoretical essays focusing on the film. Like a crystal, this film refracts currents of contemporary thinking – on alterity, feminism, postcoloniality and globalisation.

The collection is in three parts. Part 1 presents critical essays on the film by the editors and other contributors, including Sylvie Lawson, Jeannie Martin, Martha Ansara, Hart Cohen and Linda Williams. Feature articles and interviews constitute Part 2, and Part 3 offers a wide selection of press reviews.

223 pages, paperback, black and white images.

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