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The Language of Fashion


By Roland Barthes, Edited by Andy Stafford and Michael Carter, Translated by Andy Stafford

Roland Barthes, widely regarded as one of the most subtle and perceptive critics of the twentieth century, was particularly fascinated by fashion and clothing. The Language of Fashion brings together all Barthes’ untranslated writings on fashion.

Roland Barthes changed the way a generation read. A cultural commentator before his time, his careful if playful analysis of texts revolutionised the way we comprehend cultural products. Both critic and literary essayist, his writings continue to provoke. His best known work includes Mythologies, Camera Lucida, Image-Music-Text, The Empire of Signs, A Lover’s Discourse, Writing Degree Zero, S/Z and The Fashion System.

About the Editors

Andy Stafford is Senior Lecturer in French Studies, University of Leeds. Michael Carter is an Honorary Associate in the Department of Art History and Theory, University of Sydney.


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