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The Postmodern Explained to Children


By Jean-Francois Lyotard (translated by Julian Pefanis and Morgan Thomas)

The Postmodern Explained to Children forms a collection of essays in the form of letters forming a lucid introduction to the work of this provocative thinker.

'...that is the first thing I mean by course of philosophy. You cannot be a master and master this course. You cannot open up a question without leaving yourself open to it. You cannot scrutinise a "subject" (training for example) without being scrutinised by it. You cannot do any of these things without renewing ties with the season of childhood, the season of the mind's possibilities.'

The author addresses modernism and the postmodern sublime and the role of the avant-gardes; legitimation and narrative authority; republicanism and totalitarianism; writing as resistance; and the task of philosophy in the decline of the Enlightenment ideals.

123 pages, paperback.

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